Windows Phone

How to Use MVVM in a Universal Windows App

The Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern helps developers separate an application's business and presentation logic from its user interface. Maintaining a clear separation between application logic and user interface helps address development and design issues, making an application easier to test, maintain, and develop.

How to Add Azure Mobile Services to a Windows Phone App

This tutorial shows you how to add a backend service to a Windows Phone app using Azure Mobile Services. You will create a new mobile service and a simple to-do app that stores its data in the cloud using the new mobile service.

Adding Authentication Using Azure Mobile Services

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add authentication to a Windows Phone 8.1 WinRT app using different identity providers supported by Azure Mobile Services.

Creating Your First Universal Windows App

Universal Windows apps enable you to target every Windows device in one solution. You develop once, share most of your code, and deploy on Windows, Windows Phone, or Xbox. In this tutorial, I will use a universal Windows app template to create a Hex Clock app, a precise hexadecimal color clock.

Localizing a Windows Phone 8 Application

Recent store trends show that offering your app in English will cover only about 25% of Windows Phone customers. Adding Spanish, French, Mandarin, Russian, and German can increase coverage to more than 75% of Windows Phone customers. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to localize a Windows Phone 8 app to reach more potential customers.

Working With Local Databases on Windows Phone 8

In this article, we focus on working with local databases that live in your app's isolated storage. You'll learn about database operations using LINQ, database schemas as well as how to fetch data from a local database.

Working With Isolated Storage on Windows Phone 8

Isolated storage is used to store local data on a Windows Phone. It is isolated because other applications can't access this data. In this tutorial you'll get an overview of isolated storage and learn how you can use it to store data more securely on Windows Phone 8.

Implementing In-App Purchase on Windows Phone 8

In-app purchases are an excellent way to increase revenue for your Windows Phone app. In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to implement in-app purchases in a Windows Phone 8 Silverlight application.