Homework #5: Burritos in San Diego

The visualization below shows the burritos and their ratings in San Diego. The burritos are groups based on the the location(ie. shop) which in turn is grouped based on the neighbourhood. The visualization uses neighbourhood and location as categorical variables. It uses overall ratings as quantatitive variables. Information from quite a few other fields are displayed in the detail section when one hovers over a circle.

Marks: There are two marks ie. circles and nested containment. Circles are used as marks and it depicts a neighbourhood/location/burrito. Nested Containment is another mark in this viz. Locations are contained within neighbourhood's circle and burritos are contained inside location's circle

Channels: There are two channels ie. color hue for displaying burrito ratings and depth for relationships between neighbourhood, locations and burritos.

Interaction: (1). Hover: User can over a circle to view details. The detail view displays corresponding details for neighbourhood/location/burrito.(2). Click: User can click a circle to zoom into the view. There are three levels to zoom in. Neighbourhoods > Locations > Burritos.

Sorrento Valley

5 Locations
18 Burritos
Sorrento Valley

18 Burritos
Sorrento Valley4.5 $
Reference: Zoomable Circle Packing Attribution: fontawesome.io