MD Editor

AI powered Markdown Editor for developers with markdown editor and renderer.

English Vocabulary Builder for GRE, TOEFL & IELTS

Learn new English words every day! The app has 1000s of pictures with cartoons from Mickey Bach. Mickey Bach was producing Word-A-Day cartoons from the 1940's to about 1985 for the pleasure of people who wanted to improve their vocabulary skills.

Helium Monitor

Electron based cross platform menu-bar app for monitoring earnings from helium miner

Wikimedia Commons

An open-source app allowing the Wikimedia community to contribute content to Wikimedia Commons.


AR App for Zeta's design meetup 2019


A gamified approach to educate on supply chain skills in an engaging manner.

Ppe Response

A decentralized production network to print, sterilize and deliver personal protective equipment (PPE) for those on the front lines of the coronavirus response.


Contributed in building products for Zeta Express, an end to end solution for digitizing cafeterias