Wikimedia Commons

I have been associated with the Wikimedia Foundation as a volunteer for the past 2 years, contributing to their Wikimedia Commons Android app. Our team has received tremendous support from the community and the foundation-funded us with an IEG grant worth 26000 USD in 2017 and the Wikimedia Czech Republic chapter funded us with 11000$. I mentored multiple students for Google Code-In and Google Summer of Code 2018 for the Wikimedia’s projects. The foundation awarded me travel scholarships to attend conferences in Wikimedia Hackathon, Vienna, and Wikimania, Cape Town for my contributions. The meetups gave me an opportunity to discuss various aspects of diversity, such as gender, physical and mental abilities, linguistic, geographic, ethnic diversity and make our projects more inclusive of a wide range of individuals, communities, backgrounds, and knowledge.

Image processing is a core component as the app’s primary purpose is to upload pictures to Wikimedia Commons and we leveraged OpenCV algorithms and Tensorflow to prevent unwanted pictures like selfies, dark or blurred images, and duplicates from being uploaded. As a result of our efforts, we have been able to reduce the vandalism in the pictures uploaded through the mobile app from 5.79% to 3.43%