MyChristmas app for windows phone

MyChristmas app for windows phone

Just the one app you need this Christmas. This windows phone app will make your Christmas merrier. This app has many features to make your Christmas enjoyable. It has many greetings which you can send to your friends and loved ones. It also has many Christmas carols with lyrics which would surely let the feeling of the festival sink in. It also has a stories section which features lots of historical stories and lots of stories for kids. It also has a special SANTA section where you can make a wish, keep track of your gifts, being Santa by doing good deeds and lots of fun stuff about Santa. Also it has a special Christmas recipe section all of which would make this Christmas happier. All of these can be made at home. It has desserts, drinks, dinner items and appetizers. It also has a personal checklist for Christmas preparations. It also has a little countdown for the festival
-Christmas carols
-lots of greetings
-make a wish
-track your gifts
-BEING Santa
-fun stuff about Santa
-special Christmas recipes
-Christmas time stories


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